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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Corporate Identity


Logo7Global Registered

7 Global logo's philosophy was formed from 3(three) pieces of an equilateral triangle by the basic color of life. We are here to be a part in circle of life to share our maximum capabilities especially in evolving Indonesia's growth.

RED GREEN BLUE represent of basic color which can transform into many of gorgeous varian color when it mix each other in certain formula. It means that 7 Global could maximize its ability in every line of industries.

RED means that 7 Global has a courage to make a breakthrough in any discipline of technology to give a solution on any problem by investing in robust Research and Development (R&D)

GREEN means that 7 Global is very pay attention on the environmental of earth. We are always uphold the Green and Clean concept on every aspect of project implementation and even in business relationship between client and government.

BLUE means that a spirit of innovation to serve the best on all aspect of business.

By 3 (three) pieces of an equilateral triangle symbolize that 7 Global dynamically and equitable in implementing its daily business activity between client, employees, stakeholder and executive board in proportionally.

7 (seven) is a sacred number in a moslem world, a mysterious number which affecting the human life indirectly, unconsciously. The number 7 in a form of blue equilateral triangle which looks like an upward arrows means that 7 Global have the ambition to always achieve the highest targets and always strive to be the best.


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